Captivated by photographic images from an early age, I was fascinated with my father's Pocket Kodak Folding Camera. I started with an Ansco box camera and opened my first darkroom at age 11. I have been through many camera systems since, and needless to say, many darkroom situations.

I even had a traveling tintype studio for awhile. Now that was fun. My first freelance newspaper work was for The Denver Post's "Empire Magazine", then the Littleton Independent, and The North Denver Tribune. I have been blessed with editors that appreciate art in newspaper photography.

In 1976, I first read about the possibility of a filmless camera. What an intriguing idea. I purchased my first digital camera in 1999 and went all digital in 2001. No more developer-stained fingers – just tired eyes from looking at the computer screen. But the rewards are phenomenal.

Photographic awards and shows: Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Award, Eye of The Camera (first place), Depot Gallery, and Foothills Art Gallery shows.

Most Recent Photos: David Luck - Scraps

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Kauai, 2010