Fictional Fragments

From slice-of-life vignettes to narratives with suspense, the short stories in author David Luck’s fiction collection stem from his observations of life around him. After moving from an isolated mountain cabin to a home near Sloan’s Lake in Denver, Colorado, Luck was intrigued by the activity surrounding the lake. Luck used these situations as fodder for this book. Scraps’ first story, “Angelica and Carlos,” introduces the young Angelica as she waits for her son to be returned from a weekend visit with his father, Carlos. When Carlos and Roberto are more than an hour late, Angelica wonders if she will ever see her son again. In “Balby, England,” an American couple, married for forty-one years, travel to England for the first time and become the unwitting targets of a beautiful thief. “Going Postal” tells the tale of Maggie, a homeless woman; Jasper, a retired gentleman who has taken up in-line skating; and Merna, a cantankerous mail carrier; and how their lives intersect in an unusual way. Infused with sensory images woven with beautiful language, the stories in the collection give a glimpse into situations, people, and places with which we can all identify.

The author writes: I am indebted to my editors, Jenica Weiss Chung and Michaela DeGraw for their never- ending kindness, patience, and skill during the creative process, and to all the people who gave me the scraps that tumble, churn, and excite my life—making these stories possible. I thank you all.

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Men Are

Short Stories

Researchers, psychologists, and other shaman lead us to believe that men never share their feelings. These experts would depict men as silent, sitting with a TV clicker in one hand and a beer in the other. Except for an occasional belch, no other form of communication occurs between this mystic man and those around him: wife, children, dogs, or a favorite horse.

These experts tell us that when men do speak, they speak sports or at least in sport metaphors and feelings are never a direct part of conversation with other men, or with women, fort that matter.

Men Are, a short-story glimpse into the lives, loves, and fantasies of real men, delivers insight, longing, and hope gathered from the golden threads of sincere and deep feelings.

Men Are is—men are.

Men Are

David Luck

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I have been writing poetry, short stories, and the Great American Novel for many years. My first published work was Ghosts of Leadville, now out of print and probably a collector's item.

From the Past, Ghosts of Leadville.